Support has given up ? : viper1

Hello Hobbyking, maybe here I can get some answers.

I have an order that has been frozen in the “printed and being packed” status since 30/01 , now 5 days ago.

In the mean time I have tried ‘Live Chat’, who sold me porkies. They informed me the order was going out “soon” and even gave me even a bogus tracking nr!

Then I opened a ticket for customer support and they can’t work out the problem so simply stopped responding.

Yesterday I got this from support:

“At the moment, we do not have any information as to what is causing the delay. What we will do for you right away is to escalate this matter to our warehouse department to resolve this issue as soon as possible and to ship your order immediately” -end quote-

I have send two replies after that but nobody home.

All quiet on the ‘Eastern front’ so I assume we have given up?

Order nr is: 20010873148
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