NEW PRODUCT: Solo PRO 180 3G Flybarless 3D Micro Helicopter – Yellow (RTF) (USA Warehouse)

The Solo Pro 180 3G Flybarless 3D Micro Helicopter has arrived! This is a flybarless collective pitch 3D micro helicopter that is sure to please. Weighing in at only 105g flying weight, this is one small yet very capable heli!

With its brushless main motor, high quality flybarless system, and shaft driven tail, the Solo PRO 180 takes 3D micro helicopters to a whole new level. The shaft driven tail offers a locked-in feel unmatched by other micro helis on the market. This machine truly flies like a much larger heli!

The J6 PRO 6CH 2.4gHz radio also comes included with this package. This is a high quality radio that allows for binding with other Solo Pro helis such as the Solo Pro 100, and with many great features such as:

Model Type Selection
Channel Reversing
Dual Rates
CCPM Mix Setup
Swashplate Type
General Wing-Mix
Adjustable Throttle/Pitch Curve
Gyro Sensitivity Adjustment
Throttle Hold Function
Memory Trim
Transmitting Power
Mode 1 or Mode 2 Selection Swith (located on back of radio)

This package comes ready to fly with the included J6 PRO 6CH 2.4gHz radio, variable rate battery charger, and a 3.7V 680mAh lipoly. Charge the flight battery, and you are ready to fly!

Rotor Diameter: 12.52″ (318mm)
Overall Length: 14.17″ (360mm)
Weight: 3.7oz. (105g)
Battery: 3.7V 680mAh lipoly
Radio Type: Mode 2 (default) or Mode 1 (user selectable by swith on back of radio)

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